• Electronic Medical Records System
    An office environment without any coordination or access to information can become toxic almost immediately and have bad effects on your performance overall. This holds true especially for the medical institutions who rely on Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems for sharing and accessing information. So are you ready to switch to the right Electronic Medical Records system for your hospital? Go With WYNK EMR!  WYNK EMR is the ideal EMR system for your hospital and
  • Best Electronic Medical Record Software
    In this age of information and digital technology, the way we work has been revolutionized and rethought to meet the needs of the workforce. This goes for every major field and industry such as infrastructure, retail, food and beverage, textiles and so on. Healthcare is no different. With a growing influx of patients and the need for better and advanced healthcare, the industry has rapidly started shaping up to provide a more efficient form of
  • How to Select The Right EMR Software in India
    In a growing nation like India, the need for healthcare that is of the highest quality is absolutely necessary. Hospitals, private practices, and clinics need to find the most efficient ways to meet the needs of the growing population. Thanks to the advancements in technology, better healthcare has been provided with most hospitals investing in more advanced medical technology to help them treat the crowd of patients that visit them regularly. One particular advancement that
  • What is the difference between EMR and EHR
    For many years, hospitals have had to keep patient records, profiles, scans and so on in various file cabinets as they were all documented on paper. Keeping track of these documents and transfer of the same was a tedious process since it required several hours of work to sort through each document and compile them. Access to all these records was also hard to get since they were all over the place and finding the
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    What is EMR – Electronic Medical Record ? Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software is used in every hospital, clinic or practice to keep track of patients and their information. It makes storing and access to information easier for doctors. Instead of wasting time, pouring through paper files in storage lockers, you can get all the information you need at just the click of a mouse. EMR software has been optimized for various specialities, including ophthalmology.