Are You Ready to Switch to the Right Electronic Medical Records System?

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Electronic Medical Records System

An office environment without any coordination or access to information can become toxic almost immediately and have bad effects on your performance overall. This holds true especially for the medical institutions who rely on Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems for sharing and accessing information. So are you ready to switch to the right Electronic Medical Records system for your hospital?

Go With WYNK EMR! 

WYNK EMR is the ideal EMR system for your hospital and is great for ophthalmologists. WYNK EMR is tailored specifically to help with ophthalmology and is extremely easy to use. It also has a variety of features that can make your work more efficient and reduce the space for error of any kind. Your hospital can benefit greatly from this highly optimized, user-friendly EMR system and so will your patients.

 Why WYNK? 

WYNK has a number of features that make it more than just your typical EMR system. WYNK has a cloud that saves and stores all patient profiles and records and doctors and specialists can access these records in just a few clicks. WYNK EMR can also help you schedule appointments and give you regular reminders about your appointments, meetings, surgeries and so on.

WYNK is highly compatible with most medical equipment and can be synced easily with them. This syncing enables you to import data and values from tests to your patient records without any errors in recording or tabulation directly. Using this, you can easily look at test results and values and then determine your next move in terms of treatment for your patient.

WYNK also has a feature where you can look at images and scans from different angles. Some errors in treatment and planning are usually because images and scans are not taken from multiple angles. WYNK allows you to do this and look at all the photos and scans simultaneously. This also reduces room for error as you get a wider view of the organ or limb in question and can highlight your observations by marking it on the image and leaving your comments for other doctors to look at.

You can also use WYNK EMR for managerial purposes such as following up with patients on appointments, billing details, taking inventory of your pharmacy and so on. WYNK can provide you with a full holistic service that even your patients would love and appreciate. You can easily send patients their bills and update them on future appointments or procedures. Even your non-medical staff can use WYNK to make their work a whole lot easier.


As you can see, WYNK EMR has all the features you will need to run your hospital or medical institution smoothly. If you have any trouble with WYNK, you can contact their customer care and those specialists will help clarify your doubts and solve all problems relating to the maintenance and usage of the software. Hurry and switch to WYNK EMR today!

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