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Electronic Medical Record, EMR is a cloud-based software aiming to achieve systematized patient data collection and digitization of the clinical and non-clinical workflow. This software is a digital equivalent of paper records that provides medical history and tracks how patients fit specific criteria. WYNK EMR, one of the best EMR options for ophthalmologists, focuses on replacing manual tasking and prioritizing efficiency, accuracy, and completeness of documentation. This one-of-a-kind Electronic Medical Record Software connects the administrative staff, optometrists, and doctors into a single platform guiding every stakeholder with extensive patient information, diagnosis, and medical billing database.

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About WYNK

WYNK, a comprehensive Electronic Medical Record Application. Health care is constantly evolving, the need to have complete and seamless integrated medical record has become more crucial in today’s world. This is one of the compelling reasons for CMPS to develop Electronic Medical Record solutions exclusively for ophthalmologist to deliver enhanced patient care. WYNK is scalable and empowers ophthalmologists to optimize their practices during clinical procedures.


WYNK EMR, a cloud-based EMR software, seamlessly connects your eye care organization and makes it digitally inclusive. One of the best features of this application is the facility to maintain a personalized dashboard that provides constant visibility into every aspect of your practice operations. Additionally, one can assign and review tasks to other users and monitor key performance indicators. This EMR system for ophthalmology offers excellent drawing support for physicians to capture patients' data more efficiently. WYNK securely connects with various diagnostic software and devices to maintain a smooth clinical workflow. This enables clinicians to access patient information, perform external eye examinations, slit lamp examinations, fundus examinations, conduct vision tests, and undertake eye diagnostics. WYNK EMR can be interfaced with devices like OCT, fundus cameras, scanner, and other equipment. The application maintains electronic medical records in ophthalmology, making it the best EMR software in the business. WYNK's inventory management module promotes revenue growth by boosting stock levels of high-demand products while lowering costs associated with supply chain management.


WYNK offers seamless biometric device integration, enabling facial recognition, IRIS, and fingerprint scanning to authenticate patient information more securely. This cloud-based EMR software provides a separate document management system that allows the storage of patient records such as scans, clinical images, pictures, and audio files, which can then be accessed later for reference. Furthermore, optometrists can conduct and record external eye and vision tests more accurately due to integrations with slit lamp and optometric instruments. WYNK offers a color palette for doctors to mark their findings and supports uploading Fundus images for comparison. With the Audit Trail Facility, the user-based authentication of the module aids in the validation and verification of entries. To know the exact stock status at multiple sites, WYNK maintains pharmacy and optical inventories. It makes it easier to record visual acuity measurements and offers pre-, intra-, and post-operative surgical operations. An additional alert engine facility that can be configured to generate alerts in case of unlikely events makes this one of the best ophthalmology EMR software.

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