The Best Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software of 2020

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Best Electronic Medical Record Software

In this age of information and digital technology, the way we work has been revolutionized and rethought to meet the needs of the workforce. This goes for every major field and industry such as infrastructure, retail, food and beverage, textiles and so on. Healthcare is no different. With a growing influx of patients and the need for better and advanced healthcare, the industry has rapidly started shaping up to provide a more efficient form of service to its consumers. One of the methods the healthcare industry has used is the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

 What is EMR? 

EMR is basically the digitized form of a medical record. Every hospital you visit will normally keep a record of your diagnosed problems, scans, health issues, blood work and so on. The EMR has all of that information saved up for referral by the same doctor you are consulting or for other doctors in the hospital/clinic/private practice that are treating you. EMRs are extremely useful since they can store plenty of information for doctors and can easily be accessed and shared by people working in the same institution. EMR has to be installed in all your office hardware for you to make use of it.

Which EMR Software is the Best to Use for My Institution? 

 There are many EMR software out there in the market for your usage. However, you need to choose one that can provide you with the best service possible. This means that you need to look at the software’s value for money, features, responsiveness, functionality and how best it can help your institution. WYNK EMR is the best EMR software that we recommend you use for your institution. Here are some of the reasons why we recommend WYNK EMR-


WYNK was created for the purpose of aiding ophthalmologists in planning and executing better treatments and providing excellent assistance where necessary. WYNK was designed by Centris Mobility and Project Services (CMPS). CMPS focuses on product development, consulting services, and custom-built software applications. 

WYNK EMR is one of CMPS’s new smart software applications that has been tailor-made to help ophthalmologists keep track of all their medical records, scans, and reports, data and schedule appointments with patients. WYNK EMR is very easy to use and can be learned and used by any and all people working in the hospital/private practice/clinic in no time. All the information that you would require is available at just the click of a button. However, there’s a lot more to WYNK than just easy access to records.


WYNK EMR has a variety of features that make it a must-have for any hospital or clinic-

  • Access to a bank of test results and patient information-

With WYNK, you are able to find the records of any patient and any tests they have undergone at any time. You can view the visit history and visit the summary of patients to refresh your memory on how you have been treating them. The advanced image viewing feature allows you to see multiple images from different sources and zoom in and out. You can also leave comments to highlight important observations.

  • Importing of patient data –

You can easily import data from your machines to your test reports by syncing WYNK with your machinery. That way, you lessen the chances of having wrong values in reports along with unclear images.

  • Helps with planning appointments and scheduling-

WYNK allows you to not just see appointments, check-ins and so on. You can also track your patients and send their files to other specialists in your institution if necessary. This makes it easier for all of you to work together for the patient’s well being. WYNK also helps you follow up with patients better by informing you when your next appointment is.  


As you can see, WYNK can easily provide you with the best possible service here. With its responsive design, an arsenal of features and huge value for money, WYNK is definitely a good choice for your hospital/clinic/private practice. With such an EMR software at your disposal, you would see an increase in efficiency and in customer satisfaction with every appointment you take. Hurry now and get the best EMR software of 2020 today!

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